6 Lessons I’ve Learned from the Anise Global Gastrobar Family

6 Lessons I’ve Learned from the Anise Global Gastrobar Family
  1. Food cooked with love tastes better. I am seriously awed—not just by the beauty and presentation of the food at Anise—but by the love, compassion and energy that goes into it. I’ve learned that this passion makes for a delicious combination that nurtures the eater both physically and spiritually. Regardless of the fact that I have never been much of a cook myself, I am seriously trying to emulate this recipe for success.
  2. Happiness is contagious. The Anise family is a happy family and the energy-charged positive environment they create is one that makes customers happy. You can feel it when you walk in the door. No matter how busy—Anise is buzzing with a positive charge. I’m taking this lesson into my everyday life in simple ways—smiling more, laughing more, saying kind things to the team I work with—and it truly does create not just a more positive atmosphere for others, but it makes ME happy too.
  3. Do what you love. The entire environment at Anise is suffused with a strong support system that sends the message that in life one must do what one loves. People join the Anise family and either fall in love with what they do—or after awhile they move on to do something else. There are no hard feelings. This strong lesson that says ‘do what you love today, but if you fall in love with something else tomorrow—do that,’ is a fresh relief from the old story that says commit for a lifetime to whatever you do. As someone who has recently changed careers I feel this lesson strongly.
  4. Make it look easy. No matter what it is they do at Anise, no matter what difficulty is happening behind the scenes, the Anise family makes what they are doing not only look easy, but look fun. Every single time I’ve been there I’ve thought—I want to work here! And I know it’s hard work, so I really honor the environment they’ve been able to create that says, “when we’re doing this together, it is easy.” I love the idea of working with a team of people who make something difficult look easy and I’m learning to apply this enthusiasm to my own life.
  5. Rely on humor. Smiles feel good. They make other people feel good and they make you feel good. There’s an awful lot of fun, humor and laughter that happens at Anise. It’s a part of making difficult things seem easy. I now attempt every day to follow this Anise model- to smile for my co-workers and colleagues- to add humor to our day in such a way that we all have fun as we get the job done.
  6. Trust your team. One of the main things I admire about the Anise family is the way they work together. They have each other’s backs and trust and respect each other. They bring a level of honesty to their relationships that shows they understand that the sort of magic they have together just doesn’t happen. It’s something a team works at. This commitment to each other—as well as their mutual goal—is an incredible lesson and another that I’m trying to adopt into my everyday life.

The honest truth is that being associated with this great group of people has made me a better person–has made me think more deeply and enjoy my life more deeply. I’m sure they don’t even realize the impact they have…but that’s probably part of the magic.