Anise Global Gastrobar: Through the Looking Glass

Stepping into Anise Global Gastrobar for the Boozy Tea Party was like stepping into another world, beautifully designed to indulge afternoon tea-goers in an adventure, part childhood memory and part fantasyland.

Employees and customers alike sported fancy hats and bright ensembles reflecting a wide range of traditional tea and party references, from Through the Looking Glass to Downton Abbey and the Kentucky Derby. Amidst this backdrop the bar resonated with excitement.

Tables set with dainty and whimsically mismatched teacups and saucers were lovingly adorned with treats both savory and sweet and appealed to tea party goers from the moment they stepped into the room.

Each table boasted a tiered platter designed by Anise employees and decorated with savory treats and sumptuous sweets crafted by Chef Mary and her staff along with Pasty Chef Julie, of Bake’ n Babes.

The charming Anise staff shared great energy and incredible attention to detail. Their friendly greetings at the door, followed by a tea-infused Mumm’s Champagne Spritzer with Starfruit Juice and a starfish garnish, helped set the stage for a refreshing retreat.

Once seated at intimate tables, tea party goers indulged heartily from the many fine offerings of the day. Favorite savories of the afternoon included miniature Zucchini Parmesan Madelines served warm from the kitchen and an amazing Tomato Bisque Spoon topped with a Grilled Cheese Crouton.

Sweet treats featured traditional tea party fare like lovely Lemon-Glazed Blueberry Scones and the hit of the afternoon, Seasonal Fruit Tarts with Crème Patissiere that melted in the mouth.

The buzz of happy conversation filled the afternoon as three additional “boozy tea drinks,” made with the finest of Jameson Caskmates Irish whiskies, followed the Champagne Spritzer: a Green Tea Sour paired with a delightful peach infusion and decorated with bright pansies, a beautiful, steaming Rose Oolong Toddy, and a Thai Tea complete with bobo.

To end the afternoon Anise staff handed out gift bags which included Vanilla Bean Macarons and handmade soaps and facial scrub.

Each guest was invited to choose a teacup to take home and delighted customers stepped out into the stormy Tampa afternoon chattering about how much they look forward to another Anise event.