Anise Saturdays are Sweeter

IMG_3548Anise’s latest creative endeavor, #saturdaysweets, is the brainchild of Julie Curry, Anise’s energetic and talented pastry chef. Each week she creates a delightfully new and tantalizing dessert—and the Anise bar staff pair it with the perfect cocktail. Recent Saturday sweets have included Meyer Lemon Macarons and Bourbon Crème Brulee with candied pecans. Sounds a bit like heaven, doesn’t it?

It’s all about love

After winning first place at the Ybor Market’s 2013 Cupcake Contest, with her decidedly creative, “French Toast Maple Bacon Cupcake,”—now a classic at her Tampa bakery—Julie jumped headfirst into her newfound passion and wound up falling in love with the world of baking.

For Julie, whose creativity sparkles at every turn (imagine bourbon-infused homemade marshmallows if you will), it’s all about making people smile. She draws inspiration from myriad sources, but her basic dessert foundation is all about comfort food—the kind of food that her grandmother used to make. It warmed her soul and made her smile then—and it’s just what she loves to do for others.

Finding the perfect balance
13315404_622004917954949_8086298595150948102_nBaking, Julie tells me, is all about balance—it’s realizing that a touch of salt highlights the sweetness in a recipe, that contrasting flavors make powerful partners, that ingredients are everything. And balance is what Julie does so well—week after week she creates the Anise dessert menu favorites from scratch, from the heart—but the wheels in her head are always turning, always thinking about a new dessert.

This is how Anise customers regularly enjoy her homemade s’mores and delightful cheesecake, but also get to sample new treats like Key Lime Pie Macarons and Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes—made with Guinness! What is she concocting for this Saturday’s #saturdaysweets celebration? Stop in and try spicy pineapple and tequila sorbet! It will change everything for you and is the perfect answer to summer heat.

Embracing adventure

And while she’s continually performing a balancing act, this fabulous pastry chef is also constantly pushing and challenging herself to learn. Her recent trip to Europe—her vacation—turned out to be the research adventure of a lifetime, because in Julie’s mind, who goes to Paris and doesn’t sample as many local desserts as possible and take a cooking class or two?

It’s just the kind of person she is … full of vitality, alive with joy and passion, simply loving what she does. Do you know what love tastes like? Come sample the Anise dessert menu or try #saturdaysweets. Then you’ll know the taste of love.