Learning to Sip Tequila

It’s Monday night and I’m in a backroom Tampa speakeasy sniffing, swirling, and sipping top-notch tequila with a room full of young professionals, most of whom didn’t know each other before tonight. The raw energy in the room is contagious and I’m thrilled I broke my routine to be here.

This tribe of young...

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Whisky and Anise: It’s All About Family

Alan, the UK sales manager for Glengoyne whisky, unpacks the crystal clear bottles and lines them up, their golden-, amber-, and walnut-colored liquids almost radiating warmth. The room grows silent and it’s time to begin.

The Anise bar staff is here for training purposes this morning, and not only are they...

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Wishes for the New Year

Oftentimes the arrival of the New Year is greeted with fear. We humans plot the ways in which we plan to change in the coming months and then finally face the realization that for many of us, we’ve just made another in a long line of New Year’s resolutions that will be broken. It’s a scary proposition.

Leave it to...

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