Introducing our new Sweets Specialist

Introducing our new Sweets Specialist

We are excited to introduce our new Sweets Specialist Britt Dean!

She’s bringing a lot of love to our dessert menu. We’ve asked Britt to share, in her own words, a bit about herself.

“I grew up in a family of fresh food, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been snapping green beans for my mom, and learning all her tips and tricks. I’ve had uncles and cousins in the farming industry, and my Aunt Peg ran her own catering company, The Happy Cooker Catering, which is where it all began for me. My high school days were spent with her, learning to prep, cook and bake everything under the sun; there was no dish she couldn’t master, and she had the confidence in me to pretty much make every dessert order she ever received. Once she started bringing me along to serve functions with her, and seeing the love and happiness she brings people through her good food, I fell in love with serving people and a real love for the entire industry. On weekends I would show up at 4am to pack the van up and head out to a gig, not coming home until 7pm, running around all day, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

From there I went to the University of Florida to receive a Bachelors in Business Management. In those years on my own I really started experimenting my way through the kitchen by hosting weekly dinner parties for friends. After graduating in 2012, I managed the front desk of a salon and spa for a couple years, and found that working at a desk all day was making me miserable, so back to food I came! I’m currently working two serving jobs, Anise and City Dog Cantina, working as a real estate photographer, and now baking for Anise all to grind and save money to make my dreams come true. And with four jobs, I still attempt to find the time to work my way through real estate school, partnering with my mom and best friend, Sheila Dean, who’s excelled in the industry her entire career. My boyfriend, Ben Brooks, and I have dreams of a food truck, and of traveling the country with it. I believe dreams can come true and this is all a step in the process. 

My desserts we’re highlighting are the Key Lime Crème Brulee and our new personal pie cheesecake. The brulee is served in a mason jar, has the perfect crackling crunch and with a side of ginger graham cracker cookie. It’s beat out my life long favorite dessert, key lime pie, as a new number one.The new cheesecake is my Aunt Peggy’s old recipe from her catering days that she has kept under close lock and key. So in honor of her hard work, and also as part of an agreement to be able to use her beloved recipe (lol) I’ve called the cheesecake Peg’s Pie. It’s a 4 inch personal pie cheesecake. We are currently offering two toppings – cookie and toffee with a caramel and chocolate drizzle as well as a fresh fruit option, in the traditional Peggy Moss style, with sliced kiwi, strawberries, and blackberries, but I’ve added my own personal twist with a drizzle of honey. You can also find indulgent treats like deep fried strawberry shortcake made with my grandmother’s pound cake recipe.  It will remind you of all your favorite things about the fair. Coming soon is a vegan dessert, so keep your eyes and taste buds open and ready!”

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