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Welcome to North Star Eatery, a showcase of popular Southeast Asian street food. Global dishes range from crunchy green papaya salad accompanied by crispy shrimp chips to slow braised oxtail and rice noodles that swim in a spicy lemongrass broth. Marinated and grilled meats are served on skewers or stuffed in crusty banh mi sandwiches topped with pickled veggies and jalapeno slices. Bao “Sticky Bunz” dominate the menu while bold dishes like Korean Gochujang wings and kimchi waffles are added as fan favorites.

Diners are eager to expose their taste buds to new and exciting flavor combinations in the welcoming and comfortable Hall on Franklin setting. North Star’s menu is complimented by the variety of offerings from the other dynamic food concepts. Wait staff happily serve expertly crafted cocktails to the delight of their excited patrons.

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