Wishes for the New Year

Oftentimes the arrival of the New Year is greeted with fear. We humans plot the ways in which we plan to change in the coming months and then finally face the realization that for many of us, we’ve just made another in a long line of New Year’s resolutions that will be broken. It’s a scary proposition.

Leave it to Anise Global Gastrobar to turn that notion upside down! 12310632_10205049344580055_3290876477394028890_n

Tearing a new page out of an old, tired book, Anise family members open their arms widely and hopefully to the New Year and the peace it offers, instead of tightening their proverbial belts like the rest of the world.

How do they manage to do it? How do they capture the joy that a new year should really bring?

All it takes is imagination—and scissors and string and love. For two years now they’ve set their intentions and wishes for the New Year and shared them on a beautiful wishing tree in the restaurant.

These personal notes, individually tied to a white-lit tree, decorate the restaurant during the season….and then are burned at the start of the New Year as1656331_889233878084_8578593690992919619_n a fiery and spirited way to release those intentions into the universe.

This beautiful holiday tradition has become a staff favorite. And why not? It allows them to share in the beauty of the holiday season and celebrate the New Year together in a strong and powerful way.